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High quality 3D animation, already well known from architectural projects, is hard to find for structural engineering and very rare in special foundation or underwater construction projects. We want to close that gap and have dared to specialize on production of these 3D-visualisations!

Processes during special foundations or submerged work-flows are hard to explain to designers and media specialists by definition.We have more than 10 years hands-on experience worldwide in planning, execution and project management for ‘special foundations’ and ‘underwater construction’ projects. With this knowledge base we have the skills to provide you with the perfect interface to visualise and simulate your concept.

Our visualisations of your ideas will be as realistic as convincing and can play a key role in your project development from a very early stage. Our state-of-the-art hardware and software enables us to produce 3D-computer animation that, until a few years ago, was the exclusive preserve of the top film industry CGI studios.

As well as assisting you, advanced computer graphics are the most effective and sometimes the only way to present your concepts to potential clients and investors.

Possibilities are as distinctive as your daily tasks…

Here are some of our services: 

• visualisation
- presentation/promotion of successful projects
- presentation of quotations/technical proposals
- visualization during project execution for supplements or insurance cases
- marketing for new technologies
- combination of video footage and CG-animation
- animations for professional training or education of your personnel 

design and animation incl. kinematics 
- import of 2D CAD/CAM drawings and conversion to 3D
- incorporating of (print) as-is-drawings into the 3D-model
- webbased 3D-models with autodesk design review
- verification of complex geometries in realtime e.g. 
  pilegrids or anchor layers 
- incorporation of survey data

 • simulation
- dynamic simulation of solid or fluid media as well as gases
  (incl. interaction, collision, deformation, friction, temperature, etc.)
- simulation of leaks, dewatering or component failure

 • video
professional Camcorder Equipment
- cutting and postproduction 
- sound and audio (professional narrator, background and soundeffects)
- GEMA/royalty management 
- DVD-authoring

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